Sunnyvale is a community that has a longtime commitment to remaining a lower density community with a focus on maintaining a strong rural element. Lower density housing combined with an abundance of green space in our community means that the Town of Sunnyvale still possesses a natural habitat for many species of wildlife, including coyotes, bobcats, deer, many small mammals, birds of prey, and reptiles.


  • Do keep cats and small dogs inside at night.
  • Do keep the covers secured on your trash receptacles.
  • Do contact Animal Control if the animal appears sick or injured.
  • Do try to consider that they were here first.


  • Do not feed your pets on the back porch.
  • Do not approach a coyote if it appears trapped, injured, or sick. Contact Animal Control.
  • Do not ever try to touch or pet a coyote.

Visitors in the home

If you happen to have a "visitor" in your attic, Sunnyvale Animal Control loans out live humane animal traps to Sunnyvale residents. Please contact an Animal Control Officer for assistance.

One of our Animal Control Officers will assist you with the setting, baiting, and placement of your trap. When the animal is caught simply notify Animal Control during normal business hours (214) 862-4525 and an officer will come pick up and relocate the animal. The trap can be left if it is still needed.


  • If you hear movement strictly at night it is possibly a raccoon or opossum.
  • If you hear movement in variation at night and day it is likely a squirrel or rat.