Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

The Town of Sunnyvale is accepting applications for volunteers to serve on the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC). Apply by Friday, May 19.


Established by Town resolution, the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) supports, promotes, encourages, and advocates for developments that strengthen the local economy and diversify the tax base in a way that is consistent with the character of Sunnyvale.   The EDAC will assist with providing input and expertise on ways to encourage and help businesses and individuals to invest in the Town, create jobs, and increase the tax base, which ultimately leads to a better quality of life for all Sunnyvale residents.

As residents and members of the business community, EDAC members serve as a conduit of information between the business community and the Town of Sunnyvale. The EDAC will make recommendations to the Town Council on matters related to economic development which include but are not limited to economic development incentives, current business climate, business attraction and retention, marketing opportunities, and other issues that may promote economic development.

The committee serves in an advisory capacity only and does not make decisions on behalf of the Town as it relates to development projects, incentives, or administration.


The Committee will meet as needed, but normally once per quarter during lunch.

Method of Appointment

Each committee member shall be appointed by the Town Council for a two year, staggered term. To qualify for appointment to the EDAC, members shall either be a Sunnyvale resident, own property or a business that operates in the Town limits, or represent a business or industry located in Sunnyvale. Although a member’s business must be located in Sunnyvale, they may personally reside in another town or city.


Members shall be nominated, appointed, or removed by a majority vote of the Town Council.  The EDAC shall be comprised of up to 21 members with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in the following sectors:

  • (1) Education
  • (2) Real Estate and Development
  • (3) Industrial
  • (3) Technology
  • (1) Non-Profit
  • (2) Local Business
  • (1) Health Care
  • (1) At-Large
  • (2) Retail
  • (2) Financial Services
  • (3) Utilities

The Director of Economic Development shall act as the Town Liaison and provide guidance and feedback.   


The Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities.

  • To identify and promote economic opportunities that benefit residents, businesses, communities, and The Town of Sunnyvale.
  • Support, promote, encourage and advocate for projects that expand the Town's commercial tax base in a manner that strengthens the local economy and diversifies the tax base consistent with the character of our community.
  • Provide feedback to both the residents of Sunnyvale and Town staff through research, information, and a common goal, consistent with the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Town Council's direction.
  • Identify changing economic trends and development resources available to the Town of Sunnyvale.
  • Develop and advocate for an economic development strategy that maximizes commercial                          property tax revenues and generates employment opportunities as part of a broader, long-range strategic plan for the community as established by the Town Council.
  • Continuously review Sunnyvale's zoning regulations for consistency with the Town's economic development goals, and to make any applicable recommendations to improve permitting, licensing and regulatory functions.
  • Promote streamlining the Town's regulatory processes as related to commercial development.
  • Support and encourage new businesses seeking to locate in Sunnyvale, and existing businesses seeking to remain or expand in the Town.
  • Assist with updating the webpage promoting Sunnyvale's business environment and to develop the general content thereof