Historically, the Town of Sunnyvale is a young Dallas County community. However, this active and growing Town has its roots from the settlement days of Texas. Four rural hamlets, Long Creek, New Hope, Hattersville, and Tripp merged in 1953 to form Sunnyvale. Homesteaders settled the Long Creek hamlet in about 1845. This historic hamlet was located along Long Creek. New Hope became a center of rural commerce when Mr. Tinsley purchased land for a store building in 1885.

This hamlet was organized at today's intersection of Belt Line Road and Town East Boulevard. East of New Hope, Mr. Boyd Hatter settled on land near the Trinity East Fork River and started a school. The Tripp Community was at the intersection of Tripp and Collins Roads.

Additional Information

For more information on the history of Sunnyvale, visit the Sunnyvale Library for a book by Julie Morris entitled A Stake in the Prairie. The Sunnyvale Library is located at 402 Tower Place.