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2018 Citizen Survey


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    1. 2018 Citizen Survey

      Dear Sunnyvale Neighbor: Your input on the enclosed survey is extremely important. During the next few months, we will be making decisions that affect a wide range of Town services, including public safety, parks and recreation, code enforcement, and other areas of municipal services. To ensure the Town’s priorities are aligned with the needs of our residents, we need to know what YOU think. We appreciate your time. We realize this survey takes some time to complete, but every question is important. The time you invest in this survey will influence dozens of decisions that will be made about the Town’s future. Your responses will also allow Town leaders to identify and address the many opportunities and challenges facing the community. Please complete the survey sometime during the next two weeks. Your responses will remain completely confidential. If you have any questions, feel free to call Assistant Town Manager Leslie Black at Town Hall at (972)226-7177, or by email at Thanks again for taking the time to better our community. Respectfully, Saji George Mayor


    3. 1. Please rate your satisfaction with the overall quality of the following services provided by the Town of Sunnyvale:

      How Satisfied Are You With:

    4. A. Parks & Recreation Spaces

    5. B. Water & Wastewater Services

    6. C. Emergency Medical Services

    7. D. Enforcement of Town Codes & Ordinances

    8. E. Fire Services

    9. F. Library Services

    10. G. Maintenance of Town Streets & Sidewalks

    11. H. Management of Storm Water Runoff & Flood Prevention

    12. I. Municipal Court Services

    13. J. Police Services

    14. K. Transportation Planning

    15. L. Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection Services

    16. M. Town Communication With the Public

    17. N. Customer Service Provided by Town Employees

    18. 2. Which THREE of the services listed above do you think are the most important for the Town to provide?


    20. 3. Please rate the following traffic situations in the Town of Sunnyvale as either "Excellent," "Good," "Average," or "Poor".

      How would you rate:

    21. A. Traffic flow on state roads/highways in Sunnyvale (i.e. U.S. Hwy 80, SH 352)

    22. B. Traffic flow in and around your neighborhood

    23. C. The job the Town of Sunnyvale is doing managing traffic

    24. 4. Would you say traffic in Sunnyvale is getting better, staying the same, or getting worse?