Road Projects

Road Improvement Projects artwork with Town logoThe Town of Sunnyvale continues to make improvements to roads and streets. At its July 24, 2023 meeting, the Town Council approved $9.3 million to fund the project’s next phase known as Phase 2B that involved the reconstruction of Tripp Road, Town East, North Jobson, South Jobson, and North Collins. This 11 lane-mile phase began in late August and was completed by the end of 2023. 

At the Aug. 28, 2023, meeting, the Town Council approved $7.1 million to fund Phase 2C that involved the reconstruction of portions of East Fork Road as well as north and south Paschall Roads. This 5.7 lane-mile phase was completed by mid-January. 

Additional projects including Long Creek between US 80 and Larkin, Tower Place, and the Library parking lot were also added and will be completed by mid-February. Larkin Road between Long Creek and Scyene is a recent addition to the list of road reconstruction projects that is expected to begin in late February or early March. 

Road Project and Traffic Safety/Calming Presentations:

Keep in mind that weather and other factors can cause delays or pauses in any construction project.

Phase 1 of this project included portions of Town East Boulevard, Long Creek Road, East Fork, Gloria Road, N. Collins Road, and Polly Road and is complete. Phase 2A addressed East Fork from Polly Road to Town East Boulevard and was completed in mid-August. Those two phases represented an investment of $3.75 million covering just over 9.5 lane miles of roadway. 

With the completion of Phase 2B and 2C, the Town of Sunnyvale will have reconstructed more than 31 lane-miles of roads and streets since the beginning of 2022 that will continue to secure Sunnyvale’s future pathways.

Please watch this page for further project updates.