Road Projects

Road Improvement Projects artwork with Town logoThe Town of Sunnyvale continues to make improvements to roads and streets. At the 2/12 Town Council meeting, a change order was authorized for the reconstruction of Larkin Road from just north of the Scyene Road intersection to just west of the Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) entrance at Long Creek.  

Before Larkin reconstruction begins on Tuesday, 2/27, Public Works will be replacing a drainage culvert under Larkin just east of the DWU entrance on Monday, 2/26. As a result, Larkin will be completely shut down at this location on Monday, 2/26. The City's contractor will then begin reconstruction of the westbound lane of Larkin on Tuesday, 2/27. At this point only the eastbound lane of Larkin will be open until a traffic switch occurs in mid-March when the other side of the road gets rebuilt.

The recommended detour for exiting the area during westbound reconstruction is to use eastbound Larkin to Scyene where drivers can then travel to access Lawson or Clay Road to travel north to US 80. Drivers will also be able to come back to their homes by using Clay or Long Creek to travel eastbound along Larkin. During eastbound reconstruction, the recommended detour for exiting the area is to use westbound Larkin to access Long Creek and Clay Road. Drivers will also be able to come back to their homes by using Lawson/Scyene and then westbound on Larkin to avoid the eastbound Larkin construction.

Road Project and Traffic Safety/Calming Presentations:

Keep in mind that weather and other factors can cause delays or pauses in any construction project.

The following table summarizes the various road reconstruction projects that have occurred since 2022. Phases 1, 2A, and 2B are complete and Phase 2C will wrap up with the completion of Larkin Road in late March. 

DMAIC Phase 1 - 2022          CostLane Miles
Town East Blvd (East Fork to Polly)                  598,1311.22
Long Creek Road (Clay to Larkin)                  322,0471.00
East Fork (Town East to Gloria)                  526,9311.52
Gloria Road (East Fork to End)                  301,9581.16
N. Collins Road (Tripp to Redstone)                  307,4080.92
Polly Road (Town East to Barnes Bridge)                  857,4972.62
Total   $           2,913,9728.44
DMAIC Phase 2A - 2023

East Fork (Polly Road to Town East)                 773,8261.12
Total   $              773,8261.12
DMAIC Phase 2B - 2023

Jobson Road              2,789,8604.00
Tripp Road, Belt Line to The Falls              2,307,0223.00
Town East Blvd, Jobson to Collins              2,107,9491.24
Collins, Town East to Barnes Bridge              2,013,2302.60
Total   $           9,218,06110.84
DMAIC Phase 2C - 2023 & 2024

Tower Place + Parking Lot                 300,6870.01
East Fork Road, Tripp to Gloria (2023)              1,691,5112.58
N. Paschall Road, US 80 to Tripp                 840,9091.34
S. Paschall Road, Long Creek to US 80                 452,6100.73
Long Creek Road, HWY 80 to Larkin              1,424,9312.20
E Town East Blvd, Collins to Polly                 489,2250.80
Larkin Road, Long Creek to Scyene              3,111,5013.38
Total   $           8,311,37411.04
DMAIC Phase 3 - 2025

Rebecca Road, US 80 to Tripp              2,062,0602.24
East Fork Road, Tripp to HWY 80              1,362,4321.48
Total   $           3,424,4923.72
DMAIC Phase 4 - 2026

Tripp Road, Collins to Rebecca              3,682,2504.00
Total  $           3,682,2504.00
Grand Total   $        28,323,97639.16

Please watch this page for further project updates.