Planning and Zoning


The Development Services Department is responsible for future planning, development, and orderly growth of the community. We are responsible for protecting the community’s health, safety, and general welfare through the enforcement of Town Codes and Ordinances, building and nuisance inspections, and through the establishment and implementation of standards for development that further the community’s vision of creating a high-quality of life for current and future residents. We strive to do this while maintaining civic and economic vitality, preserving the natural rural environment, and establishing a community in which residents have the ability to live, work, recreate, and raise a family. The Development Services Department works to meet the needs of the community.


The Development Services Department consists of the following divisions:

  • Engineering
  • Planning
  • Building Inspections
  • Code Compliance
  • Animal Control

Development Review process

Anytime an owner of property decides to develop their land they must first obtain municipal permission to build any structure which requires a building permit within the Town of Sunnyvale. This process can be simple when obtaining a permit to construct a room addition, or it can become fairly complex when developing a large commercial center or industrial warehouse. The process is usually categorized into several steps such as zoning, platting, site permit and/or building permit, inspection and certificate of occupancy. Depending on the complexity of the project, all or some combination of these steps are required.

Regardless of the specifics of a development, every project must address the following:

  1. Zoning - the designation must be appropriate for the type of development and its intended use
  2. Platting - the lot on which the development will be situated must be properly platted
  3. Inspection - inspections will take place during and after construction by the Town
  4. Permitting - every building and structure on the platted lot(s) must have a valid building permit
  5. Certificate of Occupancy - issued upon successful completion of all Town requirements


The Town development processes have been revised in order to address COVID-19 social distance requirements.  Typical development reviews and inspections will proceed as needed.  Submittal acceptance and board reviews are revised in order to minimize contact and travel.

Development Applications (Site Plans, Plats, Variances) – A pre-application meeting (DRC) is required prior to submittal of an application. On the submittal date, the signed application and payment check should be dropped off in person, at the Town Hall drop box or mailed to Town Hall. All checklists info & plans shall be delivered on a jump drive (pdf files). The application and payment must be received by the required submittal date and time in order to be accepted.

Pre-application meetings (Development Review Process) - Town Hall has reopened to the public.  At this time, development review staff will attempt to first address reviews by direct communication via email, phone, and/or virtual meetings. In person meetings will be made by appointment. Applicants should contact staff to verify if an in person appointment is available.

Building Permits & Inspections Requests - We are asking for all to take advantage of the online permit submittal and inspection requests portal (available here). Once there contact Melinda Diaz, Permit Technician, for the entity number and information on the process at (972) 203-4188. If needed, permits may be submitted in person or by using the drop box in front of Town Hall. Payments must be made in person or by dropping off payment in the Town Hall drop box. The drop box is located on the left side of the Town Hall drive as soon you enter from North Collins.

Development process flow chart